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Armacell's solutions help to keep systems cool today so that we can enjoy faster processing speeds tomorrow


Data centres account for 1% of global energy use and 2% of greenhouse gas emissions. With Armacell’s technical insulation solutions, you can take your data centre insulation BEYOND BETTER, improving power usage effectiveness and reducing your carbon footprint.

Armacell Data Centre Whitepaper article

Learn how to find the right data centre insulation in our whitepaper

Data centres need to maintain the right temperature at all times. How do you find the best insulation for improving energy efficiency and achieving a lower power usage effectiveness? Find out by reading our whitepaper.

Download our whitepaper - Powering green data centres.

Taking data centres Beyond Better

Watch the video below to discover how our technical insulation solutions go Beyond Better by driving savings, improving power usage effectiveness and reducing the carbon footprint of data centres.

Solutions that take the pressure off cooling systems

Data centres consume large amounts of energy due to the cooling systems that play a critical role in maintaining the right temperature. Without reliable cooling systems, data centres would not be able to stay in operation. With Armacell insulation solutions, you can keep your data centre running with better power usage, protecting your assets and reducing your carbon footprint.

Insulation is the most effective way to reduce carbon emissions

Although it represents only a small expense in the overall construction budget, technical insulation has a significant impact on cooling system efficiency and operating performance. Insulating cooling and distribution systems with our rigorously tested thermal insulation solutions helps optimise energy consumption and prevents condensation on your equipment.

Data centre maintenance

Sustainable construction with recycled structural materials

Using recycled materials makes construction more sustainable. Our ArmaPET® solutions, for example, are based on plastic bottles, can require 85% less energy to manufacture and emit 37% less carbon dioxide.

Project - Armacell products in Singapore data centre
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Our innovative portfolio covers all your insulation needs:


Find the right thickness

Use our insulation calculator to determine the right insulation thickness.

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Keep condensation under control

Our high-quality closed-cell products do not require an external water vapour barrier.

Contaminants like dust and fibre can cause overheating, electrical or mechanical failures of components in data centres.

Avoid overheating and failure

Our dust- and fibre-free products ensure you don’t experience electrical or mechanical breakdowns.

Project - Armacell products in US data centre in Virginia, USA

Powering an energy efficient data centre in Virginia’s “Data Center Alley”

When a global cloud services organisation in Virginia, US, needed to build an energy efficient data centre, they turned to Armacell. With a quick turnaround, we provided a solution of more than 122,000m of insulation.

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