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Armacell offers 100% recyclable PET structural core foam for wind turbine blades.

Supporting wind energy with sustainable technology

In 2020, wind power produced more than 6% of global electricity and was the second largest renewable energy source worldwide. Through Armacell’s patented rPET recycling technology for composite core materials, we support the sustainable growth of wind energy.

Taking wind energy Beyond Better

Watch the video below to discover how our high-performance, lightweight solutions based on 100% recycled material go Beyond Better, making Armacell the ideal supplier of composite core materials for wind turbine OEMs.

Wind energy is part of a sustainable future – bigger and more efficient rotor blades will support this

Wind power is an environmentally-friendly form of cost-competitive energy generation. Manufacturers and OEMs look to work with reliable and innovative partners who can provide solutions to help drive sustainability and low Levelised Cost of Energy (LCoE). A key area is in building bigger and more efficient rotor blades, leading to an increased need for high-performance and lightweight materials.

Improving the performance of wind turbines

Wind turbines that have larger rotor blade diameters offer the ability to operate in lower wind speed areas as well as in off-shore locations. But larger rotor blades also bring the challenge of increased weight.

With lightweight materials, such as ArmaPET, you have a solution that offers high performance and reduced weight. At the same time, the patented rPET technology behind ArmaPET enables the use of a product that is based on 100% recycled material, making ArmaPET the sustainable choice to power the rotor blades of tomorrow.

Armacell offers 100% recyclable PET structural core foam for wind turbine blades.

ArmaPET – based on 100% recycled plastic


Using post-consumer PET beverage bottles, our ArmaPET product is the world’s first structural foam core based on 100% recycled PET (rPET) plastic. ArmaPET contributes to the circular economy and supports the environmental directives of wind energy. If you are looking for composite material for your next wind energy project, ArmaPET is high-performance and highly environmentally-friendly alternative to PVC, Balsa, SAN, PUR or honeycomb core materials and other comparable foam products.

With Armacell's rPET technology, we offer sustainable product solutions that enhance efficiency throughout the manufacturing process and elevate the life cycle performance of our composite structure.

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Why ArmaPET is the ideal structural core material

Process stability

Process stability and repeatability

ArmaPET has low fluctuation in mechanical properties and high thermal and dimensional stability.

Support LCoE optimisation

Support optimisation of LCoE

With a threshold > 60%, ArmaPET Struct offers excellent fatigue properties and low service-life maintenance.

Sustainable construction

Sustainable construction

ArmaPET is based on Armacell’s patented rPET technology which uses 100% recycled material.

Work with a partner you can trust and rely on

At Armacell, we push the boundaries of what’s possible as the inventor of the rPET technology. Our technical expertise extends also to our quality obsession. Armacell’s products and processes reflect the highest quality standards according to APQP4Wind. We have implemented fully integrated ERP and Six Sigma process monitoring systems, and automated, 100% in-line controls to measure every single board. This ensures customers receive high-performance products with low fluctuations in mechanical properties to support robust process stability and repeatability, contributing towards overall low LCoE.

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Compliance with APQP4Wind

Compliance with APQP4Wind

Fully integrated ERP and Six Sigma process monitoring systems and automated, 100% in-line controls to measure every single board.

Available anywhere and anytime

Availability anywhere, anytime

3 strategically located manufacturing facilities ensure customers have access to products quickly, cost effectively and with an optimal carbon footprint.

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