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Urbanisation causes short-term frustration and has long-term health repercussions.

Protect people from noise with high-quality acoustic solutions

Excessive noise is the number one source of frustration for 76% of the world’s population. It can also cause irreversible damage. Armacell’s technical insulation solutions enable you to take your acoustic control BEYOND BETTER to mitigate noise, improve productivity and enhance your standard of living.

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Learn all about acoustic control in our whitepaper

Solving acoustic challenges requires correctly identifying the source of noise and understanding how it spreads, and the solutions available to control it. How do you isolate the different types of sound types– and how do you deal with them? Find out by reading our whitepaper.

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Taking acoustic control Beyond Better

Watch the video below to discover how Armacell’s technical insulation solutions go Beyond Better, to deliver the ultimate in noise reduction and acoustic comfort.

Noise is the 2nd biggest environmental contributor to health problems

Over 430 million people are affected by hearing loss today. That’s one in twenty people – and the problem will only get worse over time. By 2050, it is estimated that more than 700 million people – or one in every ten – will suffer disabling hearing loss.

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The effects of noise disturbance.

Excessive noise is the #1 source of annoyance for 76% of the world's population.

Noise is the #1 source of annoyance for 76% of the world's population.

Excessive noise can lead to frustration and require potential lifestyle changes to accommodate living with noise.

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One in twenty people is affected by hearing loss today.

As many as 5.5% of the world's population has inner ear damage today. This will worsen to one in ten people with disabling hearing loss in 2050.

20% are annoyed by noise from areas like sanitary pipings at night.

20% find noise from areas like sanitary fittings annoying.

When this happens at night, it can disturb sleep, reduce productivity and lead to potential health problems.

Why you should consider acoustic insulation as early as possible

Due to rapid urban and industrial development, residential zones can be located near loud areas, such as construction sites or transportation hubs. Therefore, a noise reduction strategy should always be part of any early design phase, providing an overview of the insulation solutions that are required to successfully mitigate noise disturbances.

Discuss with Armacell how to create the ideal insulation system for your projects.

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