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ArmaFlex insulation from Armacell offers reliable condensation control


Because 98% of all insulation failures are related to moisture, condensation should be avoided at all costs. Armacell’s technical insulation solutions enable you to control condensation BEYOND BETTER, and prevent moisture ingress, corrosion under insulation and system failure.

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How do you identify the ideal technical insulation solution for your project to ensure reliable condensation control? Find out by reading this whitepaper.

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Taking condensation control Beyond Better

Watch this video to discover how our engineered solutions go Beyond Better to enable condensation control and deliver reliable insulation system performance.


Controlling condensation is critical because moisture can compromise your insulation system, leading to thermal loss. The right insulation thickness ensures that the surface temperature is always above the dew point, preventing condensation from occurring on the surface. In the event that there is moisture, a closed-cell material can help prevent water vapour intrusion.

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Avoid condensation at all costs.


Wet insulation reduces thermal performance

Wet insulation cannot protect the insulated pipes against energy loss. Hence, thermal performance of the system will be reduced.

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Moisture ingress leads to system failure

Moisture ingress deteriorates the insulation, which can result in failure of the installed insulation system.


Mould poses a health risk

If moisture accumulates in the insulation material, mould can grow. This can lead to poor indoor air quality, posing a serious health risk to building occupants.

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