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Passive fire protection - the unseen protector

When a fire happens, people only have three minutes to escape before a flashover occurs. With Armacell’s passive fire protection solutions, you can take your fire safety measures BEYOND BETTER, enhancing safety levels to protect property and save lives in the event of fire.

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Whitepaper on passive fire protection

Fire safety is a matter of life and death. How do you find the best solution for minimising the risk of fire spreading and causing damage? Learn how to find the right passive fire protection solution by downloading and reading our whitepaper.

Passive fire protection - The hidden protector

Taking fire safety Beyond Better

Watch this video and discover how our passive fire protection solutions go Beyond Better to help minimise the spread of fire, limit damages and costs and improve safety for building occupants.

The importance of passive fire protection

When a fire occurs, it takes only about three minutes before a flashover occurs. A flashover is a thermally-driven event during which every combustible surface exposed to heat radiation in a compartment or enclosed space rapidly and simultaneously ignites, threatening the lives of people. As buildings are equipped with mechanical and electric systems that connect through pipe and cable networks and penetrate through fire-rated walls, floors and service shafts, it is crucial to prevent the spread of fire and smoke.

Fire compartmentation is key

A key part of a holistic fire safety approach is fire compartmentation, which aims to contain the fire within a limited area of the building. This provides multiple levels of safety in a fire event by providing building users sufficient time to safely escape from the building. Passive fire protection systems are an important part of a building’s fire compartmentation strategy designed to seal the penetrations of such networks and support containment when required. Compartmentation also keeps escape routes free from smoke and other toxic gases and allows emergency responders to safely enter the scene.

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The importance of fire safety

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The danger of smoke

Smoke and toxic gases can lead to incapacitation and death faster than fire.

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Gaps in fire protection

Pipes and cable networks can leave gaps for fire and smoke to penetrate through.

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Compartmentation is key

Dividing a building into compartments can keep escape routes free from smoke and fire, allowing people to escape.

Our innovative portfolio covers all your fire safety needs

Our fire safety solutions support the limitation of smoke development and containment of fire within a limited area of a building, allowing people to safely escape and emergency responders to perform their work.

ArmaProtect is a complete fire-stopping system

Armacell’s new fire stopping system is an integral part of passive fire protection and supports the fire compartmentation strategy. Our range is comprised of intumescent firestop wraps and collars, ablative coated firestop boards, cementitious firestop mortar and firestop sealants.

Armacell's range of ArmaProtect solutions that meet ETA standards.

Comply with global fire safety regulations

Our systems meet all the latest requirements, including the European Technical Assessments up to 240 minutes and fire standards like UL 723 and EN 13501 for low smoke development.

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