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Armacell's solutions help to keep systems cool today so that we can enjoy faster processing speeds tomorrow

Data Centres: Powering Green

Better power usage effectiveness with a smaller carbon footprint.

Armacell's solutions take the pressure off cooling systems in this dynamic industry.

Data centres account for 1% of global energy usage and 2% of greenhouse gas emissions. As they evolve and become more versatile and more powerful, new technologies and data centre design changes such as high-density chip designs and increasing rack densities are required. This places even stronger demand on cooling systems to function reliably and perform efficiently and also for data centres to be operating sustainably. Our solutions help data centres protect assets and systems with better power usage effectiveness (PUE) and a smaller carbon footprint.

Maintaining a constant and optimum temperature range is critical to ensure system reliability and asset protection. Servers housed in data centres generate vast amounts of heat and has much as 40% of the total operational costs can be attributed to the energy expenditure for round-the-clock cooling systems. If servers get too hot, computers will switch off to avoid damage. This protects data centre assets, but results in downtime and loss of efficiency (overheating).

Insulation is the most effective and least expensive method to reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

Sustainability ambitions and regulations require data centre owners and engineers to consider ways to reduce power usage effectiveness (PUE). Although representing just a small expense in the overall construction budget, technical insulation has a significant impact on cooling system efficiency and operating performance. Insulating cooling equipment and distribution systems with Armacell's thermal insulation solutions help to optimise energy consumption and reliably prevent condensation with no fear of fibre leakage.

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Three important factors need to be considered when choosing insulation materials:


Efficient thermal insulation

The right solution can be identified from Armacell’s innovative portfolio, supported by the insulation calculator for the right thickness identification.

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Effective condensation control

Armacell products do not require an external water vapour barrier because of its high-quality closed-cell structure.

Contaminants like dust and fibre can cause overheating, electrical or mechanical failures of components in data centres.

Dust- and fibre-free material

Avoid overheating, electrical and/or mechanical failure with Armacell's dust- and fibre-free products

Depending on the data centre location, environmental conditions will affect project specifications and complicate the selection of building materials - including insulation systems. Armacell's solutions are trusted because our products pass rigorous testing and quality assurance programmes and our expert teams are always on hand to provide technical advice and application support.

Sustainable construction with recycled structural materials

As compared to conventional structural materials, construction with recycled materials enables a more sustainable construction. Armacell's ArmaPET solutions, for example, are made from plastic bottles and require 85% less energy to manufacture and emit 37% less carbon dioxide. This lightweight structural core material enables offsite fabrication and modular construction as well.

Project - Armacell products in Singapore data centre
Project - Armacell products in US data centre in Virginia, USA

Discover why this global data centre, connectivity and cloud services organisation in Virginia, USA uses Armacell's solutions.

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