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The Sengkang General and Community Hospitals is one of Singapore largest integrated development that houses cutting-edge healthcare facilities with community-based care.

Sengkang General and Community Hospitals

Seamless integrated healthcare in Singapore

The Sengkang integrated healthcare development was conceived to provide holistic patient care. Patients are first admitted to the Sengkang General Hospital for diagnosis and follow-up treatment by a primary doctor. Those who require continuing care to support  transition back home and into the community are then transferred to the Sengkang Community Hospital, which offers medical, nursing and rehabilitation care. This joint effort ensures that patients receive optimal care even after they are discharged, and empowers them to stay healthy within the community.

Requires significant energy to maintain operational robustness

Home to 5.6 million people, Singapore is a vibrant city state that aims to deliver more sustainable healthcare through improved energy and resource efficiency. Hence, the Sengkang General and Community Hospitals worked with many leading companies such as WSPAecom, the Meinhardt Group and DP Architects to incorporate many energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly features in the building design. The 1,400 bedded healthcare facility achieved 30% energy savings as compared to the local building code and was awarded the BCA BIM Gold Award and the BCA Green Mark Platinum Award.

ArmaFlex is used to insulated HVAC systems for both thermal and acoustic insulation purposes..

Insulate to reduce economic and environmental costs

With typical HVAC systems accounting for approximately 40% of the total energy consumption, it is important to focus on conserving energy in this area.  Research shows that insulation is one of the most effective and least expensive ways to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, and achieve optimised operating expenditures and the lowest capital expenditures.

The right solution provides an ease of mind

Stricter energy efficiency regulations and green building codes will be implemented and enforced globally. This will drive demand for high-performance thermal insulation system solutions to prevent condensation, avoid thermal bridging and ensure efficient distribution of heat flow. It is key to design the right thermal insulation system for the application because wet insulation cannot insulate - 4% moisture ingress can reduce insulation effectiveness by 70%! Also, wet insulation can have serious repercussions including corrosion under insulation.

ArmaFlex insulation from Armacell on chilled water pipe systems

The right solution offers comfort and supports well-being

A comfortable acoustic environment in healthcare also plays a key role in supporting the well-being of the occupants it affects perceptions of privacy, comfort, safety, and security for patients and their families. Hence, acoustic insulation materials installed on equipment such as central HVAC ducting like in the Sengkang hospitals, or on wastewater pipes will help to attenuate noise and reduce structural sound transmission.

Armacell's solutions offer comfort and supports well-being for recovery in the hospital.
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