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Armacell offers 100% recyclable PET structural core foam for wind turbine blades.

Wind energy: Ultimate in foam quality

Enabling sustainable growth through patented PET recycling technology for composite core materials.

Wind power is a cost-competitive means of energy generation that better contributes to environmental sustainability.

Wind power is an environmentally-friendly form of cost-competitive energy generation. Sustainability and low Levelised Cost of Energy (LCoE) ambitions motivate manufacturers and OEM companies to work with reliable and innovative partners to achieve these goals. Accounting for more than 6% of global electricity generation, wind energy is a positive contributor towards sustainability, and drives the need for bigger and more efficient rotor blades.

Rotor blades are key components that play a definitive role in determining the amount of energy generated in a wind turbine.

Manufacturers must manage the fine balance of the challenges associated with physically larger rotor blade diameters against achieving optimal performance in view of more demanding mechanical and wind loads. Wind turbines with larger rotor blade diameters can, for example, be placed in lower wind speed areas and also in off-shore locations. Hence, rotor blade designs and materials are continuously reviewed and improved.


While 85% of turbine components can be either recycled or reused, blades are difficult to dispose. For better environmental sustainability and total cost of ownership, manufacturers aim for ease of processing during blade manufacturing, and an extended lifetime performance for rotor blades.

Armacell offers 100% recyclable PET structural core foam for wind turbine blades.
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ArmaPET is the preferred structural core material for Wind.

Process stability

Process stability and repeatability

ArmaPET has low fluctuation in mechanical properties and high thermal and dimensional stability.

Support LCoE optimisation

Support optimisation of LCoE

With a threshold > 60%, ArmaPET Struct offers excellent fatigue properties to offer low service-life maintenance.

Sustainable construction

Sustainable construction

ArmaPET is based on Armacell’s patented rPET technology which uses 100% recycled material.

Work with a technically-robust partner obsessed with quality.

At Armacell, we push the boundaries of what’s possible as the inventor of the rPET technology. Our structural core product is based on 100% recycled materials which supports the environmental directives of the wind energy, and also enables the recycling of rotor blades.

Our technical expertise extends also to our quality obsession. Armacell’s products and processes reflect the highest quality standards according to APQP4Wind. We have implemented fully integrated ERP and Six Sigma process monitoring systems, and automated, 100% in-line controls to measure every single board. This ensures customers receive high-performance products with low fluctuations in mechanical properties to support robust process stability and repeatability, contributing towards overall low LCoE.

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Work with a partner you can trust and rely on.

Compliance with APQP4Wind

Compliance with APQP4Wind

Fully integrated ERP and Six Sigma process monitoring systems and automated, 100% in-line controls to measure every single board.

Available anywhere and anytime

Availability anywhere, anytime

3 strategically located manufacturing facilities ensure customers have access to products quickly, cost effectively and with an optimal carbon footprint.

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